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Indie-folk singer Annie Sumi spent the summer of 2015 growing her fan base, taking her sweet, soulful voice to stages big and small, and sharing a brand of musical storytelling that spans folk, roots and country-rock.

One radio interviewer described this young artist as an “old soul” which truly captures her spirit— like a traveling minstrel, she has a way of breathing in all the beauty of nature and the subtleties of life, and breathing out musical tales that speak in a familiar voice to those around her.

And when she strums her guitar and the words pour out, you can almost close your eyes and imagine a young Jewel or Carole King. “You really hope that people feel your songs and make a deep connection with your music,” Annie says. “When that happens, it’s magic, pure magic.”

Annie released her debut album, Reflections, in April 2015. The record charted on college radio for 10 straight weeks and a few of the album tracks earned airplay on CBC Radio One. In 2015, she was nominated as “Best Singer-Songwriter” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and received encouraging feedback from music reviewers across Canada.

“There is a beautiful, natural lilt to Sumi’s voice and she’s capable of delivering world-weariness, deep yearning or arresting fury.” – NOW Magazine

“She tells evocative tales that almost always have a positive and uplifting message… At 21 years old, Annie Sumi might be Canada’s new folk darling.” – Grayowl Point

“Reflections consists of eight original tracks that will have you completely mesmerized… Annie’s vocals are best described as hauntingly beautiful.” – Canadian Beats

Annie toured Eastern Canada with her music, playing more than 50 shows, from Hamilton to Halifax, and many points in between. Along the way were performances and workshops at various Ontario music festivals including the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Live at the Rock Festival, and The Blue Skies Music Festival.

On stage, Annie is warm, engaging, and loves nothing more than making a connection with her audience through an intimate acoustic set, or kicking it up a notch with some musical accompaniment.

“You can’t leave an Annie Sumi performance and feel anything but inspired,” says Leah Morise, of the House of Harmony. “Her songs manage to pull you into her world, and you can almost feel the cool grass on your bare feet and the warmth of the Northern Ontario sun on your face as she sings.”

As an artist, Annie recognizes her potential to create positive change in her environment. Her thought provoking lyrics, and hopeful melodies always leave her audience with a sense of possibility.

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date venue city info
may 16, 2016 la fromagerie sudbury, on
may 19, 2016 red brick cafe guelph, on click here
may 20, 2016 gibson gallery amherstburg, on click here
may 21, 2016 london music club london, on click here
may 22, 2016 artword artbar hamilton, on
may 26, 2016 the branch kemptville, on click here
may 27, 2016 cafe nostalgica ottawa, on click here
may 28, 2016 old church theatre featuring
rose-erin stokes
trenton, on click here
may 29, 2016 the burdock toronto, on click here
june 29, 2016 duncan’s showroom with Tannis Slimmon duncan, bc click here
july 2, 2016 duncan’s showroom duncan, bc click here
july 14, 2016 whitby station gallery whitby, on click here
july 15-17, 2016 river & sky festival field, on click here
july 28, 2016 warbler’s roost: hidden roots collective south river, on click here
july 29, 2016 house concert pickering, on
july 30-31, 2016 the island unplugged folk festival peelee island, on click here
august 5, 2016 the moon cafe mattawa, on
august 6, 2016 house concert: hidden roots collective north bay, on
date venue city
may 15, 2016 house concert sault ste. marie, on
may 14, 2016 old town hall richards landing, on
may 12, 2016 white water gallery: tour launch north bay, on
may 7, 2016 heritage hall with Tannis Slimmon guelph, on
may 5, 2016 CMW showcase: cherry cola’s toronto, on
may 3, 2016 CMW showcase: c’est what toronto, on
may 2, 2016 CMW showcase: the paddock toronto, on
april 30, 2016 white water gallery: hidden roots collective north bay, on
april 9, 2016 st. lawrence acoustic stage presents Jordie Lane morrisburg, on
march 31, 2016 show of hands fundraiser north bay, on
march 26, 2016 love, light, happiness fundraiser ajax, on
march 19, 2016 resistance cabaret: a solidarity event north bay, on
february 13, 2016 winterfolk toronto presents annie sumi toronto, on
february 5, 2016 robert mclaughlin gallery oshawa, on
january 28, 2016 starstop greater napanee, on
january 18, 2016 the orchard north bay, on
january 16, 2016 greenbank folk society greenbank, on
january 10, 2016 the orchard north bay, on
january 4, 2016 the orchard north bay, on
september 27, 2015 live on elgin toronto, on
september 26, 2015 little festival in the woods north bay, on
september 25, 2015 mill’s hardware hamilton, on
september 24, 2015 gerrard art’s space toronto, on
september 19, 2015 house of harmony fingal, on
september 4, 2015 shelter valley folk festival colborne, on
august 22, 2015 nature’s harmony ecolodge mattawa, on
august 7, 2015 live from the rock folk festival red rock, on
july 31, 2015 blue skies folk festival perth, on
july 25, 2015 supermarket toronto, on
july 24, 2015 musiikki kingston, on
july 22, 2015 pressed ottawa, on
july 19, 2015 cafe campoal halifax, ns
july 18, 2015 rockbottom brewery halifax, ns
july 15, 2015 resto bar le deck edmunston, nb
july 14, 2015 the company house halifax, ns
july 10, 2015 marina port whitby, on
june 27, 2015 o patro vys montreal, qc
june 26, 2015 the company house halifax, ns
june 25, 2015 art’s place annapolis royal, ns
june 23, 2015 baba’s lounge charlottetown, pei
june 22, 2015 creek village cafe woodstock, nb
june 21, 2015 blacksheep wakefield, on
june 20, 2015 moon cafe mattawa, on
may 29, 2015 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards sudbury, on
may 28, 2015 raven & republic north bay, on
may 23, 2015 avant-garde ottawa, on
may 22, 2015 the branch kemptville, on
may 20, 2015 the garnet peterborough, on
may 19, 2015 musiikki kingston, on
may 17, 2015 mahtay cafe saint catherines, on
may 16, 2015 uncorked on main georgetown, on
may 15, 2015 odd fellows hall dundas, on
may 14, 2015 london music club london, on
may 13, 2015 moonshine cafe oakville, on
may 12, 2015 free times cafe toronto, on
april 11, 2015 white water gallery north bay, on
march 27, 2015 near north mobile media lab north bay, on
march 21, 2015 cobalt theatre cobalt, on
march 11, 2015 white water gallery north bay, on
february 10, 2015 hugh’s room toronto, on
february 7, 2015 moon cafe mattawa, on