SHOW REVIEW: Performance at the 2018 Canadian Folk Music Awards
By Levi Cuss, Roots Music Canada

Quote: Annie Sumi and the Lifers are the first act: three women with beautiful harmonies, great song-writing and great stories. I was prepared for that. Then BOOM. The third song comes on, and it’s rugged and gritty and gets your body moving, and my hair is standing on end!! This makes me smile and sends me into the ether. They are absolutely brilliant! Whoever goes next has their work cut out for them!…….(Read more + video)

SHOW REVIEW: Showcase at the 2018  North Eastern Regional Folk Alliance Conference
By Gordon Nash, WFUV Radio, Wise Madness Blog

Quote: Sumi is a great singer/songwriter…..I saw her first at a Semi-Formal showcase. She was so good I went to see her again at a guerilla (showcase). I got a few chances to talk to her. She’s the sweetest person, the Canadians were right. She’s also smart and talented. She is like Dar (Williams)…….(Read more)

RADIO INTERVIEW: In the Unknown ‘filled with gorgeous songs’
With Jan Hall, host of Folk Roots Radio

Quote: In the Unknown is a fabulous release, filled with gorgeous songs that have a real connection with the world around us and speaks to the divine in everything…..With some wonderful ethereal vocals from Annie and a musical landscape created by guitar, piano, strings and more, it truly feels like you are wrapped in sound……(Listen here)

RADIO INTERVIEW: Ethereal folk-artist Annie Sumi
With Drew Marshall, host of the Drew Marshall Show

Quote: (Annie talking about spiritualism) Most often I find it in my environment, so in the natural world. And in human moments that are real and connective…..For me, it’s music. When people are singing and singing with their souls – it just totally takes me……(video + audio)

ARTICLE: Annie Sumi nominated for Canadian Folk Music Award
By Kelly Fleck, Nikkei Voice

Quote: Poetic storytelling runs through Sumi’s veins – her great grandfather, Choichi Sumi, was a renowned haiku poet. Sumi’s songs cover stories that range from grounded, personal experiences to stories inspired by people she has seen and met across Canada, as well as stories that come from a fantastical or dream world…..(Read more)

ARTICLE: Introducing Annie Sumi
By Pat Langston, Penguin Eggs Magazine

Quote: Sumi still recalls the love she could see in the family and how she wished that love alone had been enough to sustain them. In the song (Get By), that wish becomes a meditation on the importance of hanging on to the small things that make up the big thing called life, a meditation encapsulated in the interplay between the intimacy of Sumi’s voice and guitar and the swelling of sound at the song’s crescendo….Also front and centre in Sumi’s music is her voice. Generous and expansive, it soars into ethereal territory to explore the richness of human experience and possibility much as the textured sound of her songs do.

RADIO INTERVIEW: “Ethereal, fairy folk-artist” Annie Sumi
With Nana aba Duncan, host of CBC’s Fresh Air

Quote: (Annie talking about finding inspiration) I think the traditions of folk music are really captured in my music, between the storytelling and the finger-style guitar picking, but the place in which the songs are born, it kind of embodies a more spiritual songwriting process……(Listen here)

ARTICLE: Annie Sumi is a Force of Nature
By Heather Kitching, Roots Music Canada

Quote: She has Joni’s jazzy mellifluousness and Sarah’s melancholy, but there’s something else there too: An earthiness and an edge you might describe loosely as ‘indie’…..She’s got that radiant, spiritual, neo-hippie vibe to her…..(Read more)

ALBUM REVIEW: In the Unknown, Annie Sumi
By Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs Magazine

Quote: If you’d like to hear the future of contemporary Canadian folk music, take a listen to the sophomore release from Northern Ontario’s Annie Sumi……It’s a lovely little collection of heartfelt songs delivered in the most pleasant of ways.

ARTICLE: Annie Sumi is a Truly a Breath of Fresh Air
By Meaford Live Music

Quote: Now and then a new artist emerges with something very special to offer, hits the ground running, and brings something refreshingly different to music. Annie Sumi is one of those…..She emanates a gentle, almost mystical approach to music that elevates her songwriting and soars on her ethereal voice….(Read more)

ALBUM REVIEW: In the Unknown, Annie Sumi
By Emma Sloan, Canadian Beats

Quote: In the Unknown is a 14-track masterpiece that is sure to bewilder and delight in equal measures……A tapestry of rich instrumentalism, enchanting songwriting and clandestine vocals, “In Everything” is a delicately beautiful introduction to Sumi’s collection, and sets the atmosphere with sparsity and grace.……[Read more]

ARTICLE: In the Unknown Sees Annie Sumi Plumbing the Deepest Parts of her Soul
By Jim Barber, Music Life Magazine

Quote: Two years after her ground-breaking and critically-lauded debut album Reflections, singer-songwriter Annie Sumi has taken her observations of humankind, the natural world, and her own deeply poetic and delightfully revelatory imagination to concoct her second album, In the Unknown. It is a masterpiece of compositional elegance and lush, ethereal lyricism that, much like its predecessor, is already generating rave reviews…..[Read more]

ALBUM REVIEW: In the Unknown, Annie Sumi
By Great Dark Wonder

Quote: The themes of finding the divine in everything, and of caring for the world around us with that in mind, are woven through Sumi’s gorgeous songs……Between Sumi’s beautiful guitar and the string arrangements accompanying many of the songs on the album, “In the Unknown” provides a gorgeous, soothing listening experience….Sumi’s equally lovely voice is also a terrific instrument itself – strong, tender, angry, or wistful by turns… [Read more]

RADIO COMMENT: 3 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week
By Adam Carter, CBC Music Columnist

Quote: I found myself instantly drawn to Sumi’s voice here…….It’s kind of like a gentler Amanda Palmer – And it’s exceptionally captivating… [Read more]

SHOW REVIEW: Annie Sumi at Northern Lights Festival in Sudbury
By Sarah Greene, Exclaim!

Quote: Sumi’s set was a chance to indulge for a little while in really pretty folk music. When not overpowering the PA, she’s got the voice of an angel……Whether using a Lady Slipper at a tree planting camp as a metaphor for the loss of her grandmother, or singing about Pantheism, Sumi’s music has a mystical bent; with her pure voice, fingerpicked guitar and smiling banter she communicated joy and wonder…  [Read more]

ARTICLE: One-on-One with Annie Sumi
By Laura Stanley, Grayowl Point

Quote: Sumi fell in love with music at an early age. She started singing from the moment she could talk, she grew up listening to the greats like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, she played the piano, did musical theatre and eventually picked up the guitar… [Read more]

INTERVIEW: Annie Sumi, Alternative-Folk Artist
By Remington Fioraso, Canadian Beats

Who are your influences?

At a young age I was exposed to the music of Regina Spektor, Feist, Ingrid Michaelson, the Shins and a handful of other incredible indie-folk/rock bands. But it wasn’t until stumbling across the lyrical stylings of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and that uprising folk scene that I really began to understand the political and emotional potential of music… [Read more]

ARTICLE: Songwriter Sumi Documents Human Condition Through Music
By Jim Barber, Music Life Magazine

Quote: Reflections was a critical smash, garnering airplay at radio stations across the country, being named a CBC Radio ‘Pick of the Month’ for July, 2015, and earning praise from CBC host George Stroumboulopoulos, who said that he was “in love with this voice.”…….She subsequently embarked on a significant tour over the summer, honing her already mesmerizing and evocative stage performances…  [Read more]

ALBUM REVIEW: Reflections, Annie Sumi
By Elysse Cloma, Grayowl Point

Quote: The diverse offerings on Reflections make for a captivating listening experience, and it’s clear that Annie Sumi has found and honed her sound….She goes from singing in a soft whisper on some songs, to wailing in high-pitched coos, to bravely belting in a blues style… [Read more]

ALBUM REVIEW: Reflections, Annie Sumi
By Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats

Quote: The album is made up of a great selection of tracks that each hold their own and entrance the listener while pulling at the heart strings……I had two immediate favourites, the first being ‘Oak Tree’ which is the second song on the album and I couldn’t help but get pulled in by the slightly raspy, soft vocals… [Read more]

ALBUM REVIEW: Reflections, Annie Sumi
By Ben Yung, The Revue

Quote: Sumi’s songs are contemplative and thoughtful, songs that one would expect to be written by someone that has walked this planet for three, maybe four decades…….There’s a haunting, melodic tone to her debut album, which can be attributed to the work of Juno-nominated producer Ben Leggett, who helps Sumi expand her sound and find a deep, emotive sound to complement her sombre stories….’When You Go’ is an alt-country tear-jerker in the mold of Mary Gauthier… [Read more]

ALBUM REVIEW: Reflections, Annie Sumi
By Matt Williams, NOW Magazine

Quote: The chorus of ‘Reflections of Me’ with its 50s love ballad chord progression finds her at her most soulful, executing impressive but restrained vocal gymnastics. Gloomy soundscape ‘Vandevi’ conjures up forest spookiness, and closer ‘Best of Me’ has a tender, whispered softness… [Read more]

SHOW REVIEW: Annie Sumi at Canadian Music Week
By Jonathan Eto, Nikkei Voice

Quote: Sumi has been building her fan base and is in the middle of her three-month long tour of Ontario….On stage, her voice is just as angelic as on her album, but her onstage presence brings her music to life. Her personality shines in her live performances and you feel her passion and hear how dynamic her voice can be… [Read more]

SHOW REVIEW: Annie Sumi at Canadian Music Week
By Linda Heldman, Canadian Beats

Quote: A friend of mine, just outside of North Bay, had mentioned Annie Sumi to me in one of our conversations and suggested that I look her up on line. I did. What a delight and what a voice! This indie-folk singer has a story-telling quality that, at times, reminds me of Joni Mitchell… [Read more]

INTERVIEW: Annie Sumi, Alternative-Folk Artist
By Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews

For financial purposes (as I’m sure you can imagine), I have mostly been touring solo. So the full-band sound on the album has obviously been hard to achieve. But here and there, I have collected some friends that jump on stage and join me when they can, and that has really been a treat! I’ve had a few spontaneous tour moments where some amazing musicians have improvised during my set, and that is when the magic happens! I love inviting talented people up on stage to get into the spirit and share these unforgettable moments with me!…  [Read more]


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