I AM RELEASING AN ALBUM with Hidden Roots Collective on September 1, 2016! We will be touring the album all over Ontario, and you can find out more about our tour dates or you can order the LP, “Come Up, Honey”, on our website @ www.hiddenrootscollective.com

I AM MOVING TO GUELPH, in September, to work on a humble farm, and learn about self-sustainability and permaculture.

I RECEIVED THE “ARTIST DEVELOPMENT GRANT” from FACTOR as a contribution to my upcoming recording project (starting this hibernation season)!

I AM ALMOST FINISHED 5 MONTHS OF TOURING, and I am so tired and so full of inspiration that I think I can sleep for 7 whole days and start planning to do it all over again!

I AM EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT MY BROTHER IS AWESOME! And he just signed a contract in Budapest to play Pro Hockey – WHAT A FREAKING ROCKSTAR!

I GOT MY LAPTOP STOLEN while I was on tour, and so I cut my losses and bought a drum kit (surprise)! Hoping to learn some things over the Winter season, and fill out the Hidden Roots Collective sound! … if you know how I can get myself a cheap, new laptop let me know!

I AM READING A LOT OF BOOKS! I felt like sharing this because it feels good to read books.

I AM CURRENTLY IMAGINING MYSELF FLYING THROUGH THE AIR AND PLANTING TREES IN THE CLOUDS!!! No I’m not crazy, but I am always in these beautiful places that invite my imagination to define freedom. Wouldn’t it just be something lovely to sit on a cloud underneath a tree? Now we are there together.

I AM THANKFUL! (As always) to the buckets of people I have met in the sunshine. We shared songs and stories, laughter and tears, and I am quite sure that I have given Free Hugs to over a zillion people in the last 5, touring months! Thanks for teaching me a thing or two, and for propelling me onward.

I have decided that these next 8 months are meant for slowing down, refocussing energy towards the next album, playing often (but not too often), and connecting the heart to the songs. I want to infuse the music with healing, and learn what that means; I want to give my hands to the earth in hopes of finding lines of melody there; I want to see into people, and speak without question; I want to take all of the gifts I have been given, outright and in disguise, and make art with them… I want to make art of you, and together, we will be “In Everything“.