a new year blossoms

a new year blossoms

at the end of 2015, I decided to get on a plane and spend two months of my life in south america. while I was there, I sat, quietly, facing the pacific ocean, and took a long moment to reflect on all of the blessings of 2015. my life always returns to the word “gratitude”; the conscious practice of giving thanks for the unbelievable gifts that are presented to us. for me, 2015 was a leap of faith into the great unknown – releasing Reflections, touring across the country, and being given the opportunity to play at a handful of folk festivals around ontario. for my safekeeping and for the affirmation of this great leap, again and again, I say “thank you”.

2016 is here and blossoming with promises for another grand adventure! with a commitment to release a Hidden Roots Collective album this year and the inevitable excitement of touring, I think I will have my hands full. as some of you may know, I am the recent, proud owner of a GMC 1980s campervan and have great ambitions to be entirely broke and nomadic as long as the thermometer reads over 0∙ – so, if you’re itching for the ocean this summer HOP ON BOARD!

otherwise, I’m just here to remind you how much you are appreciated. thank you for all your love and your support!


– Little Me –

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