1. Into Nothing

From the recording Solastalgia

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Into Nothing

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Released on 'Solastalgia' (October 2021)

Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Neil Whitford - Acoustic Guitar

Produced by Neil Whitford and Annie Sumi
Engineered and mixed by Neil Whitford
Mastered by Rheuben Ghose

Recorded at Canterbury Studio

Partially funded by the Ontario Arts Council

“Into Nothing” is from the album Solastalgia copyright © 2021 by Annie Sumi


Just one pebble on the shores of heaven
Just one tail of the wind
Just one star falling weightless into nothing
makes me wonder where darkness begins

Just one glimpse of the wild geese flying
one warm droplet of rain
Just one taste of that maple sweetwater
makes me wonder is spring coming?

If I lived as lightly as the air
hardly there
would I leave a footprint on the ground?

One more day to break
One last night to fall
Just one spin of the earth
One brave step through the door into nothing
and I know
I was not a visitor

I lived as lightly as the air
hardly there
leaving not a footprint on the ground