1. Raven

From the recording Solastalgia

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Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Oisin Hannigan - Bodhran
Anita Cazzola - Vocals
Liv Cazzola - Vocals
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar

Produced by Neil Whitford and Annie Sumi
Engineered and mixed by Neil Whitford
Mastered by Rheuben Ghose

Recorded at Canterbury Studio

Partially funded by the Ontario Arts Council

“Raven” is from the album Solastalgia copyright © 2021 by Annie Sumi


barefoot in the forest
following the raven
a path I have not taken
calling out
into the darkness
"have you seen the blackbird?"
silent is the answer

O, night sky
with all your open eyes
how far have you seen?

half-woke in the old grove
black the wings of thunder
a spell that holds me under
I have heard the wolf cry
howling incantations
"have you seen the raven?"

O, wild one
running with the women
how far have your been?

deep within the dark my heart is beating
feather-fingered hands learning to fly
somewhere in the night there calls a raven
with a song I have known
all of my life

barefoot in the forest
singing with the raven
a dream that will not