1. The City

From the recording In the Unknown

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The City

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Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar
Alan Mackie - Bass
Mike Ardagh - Drums

Produced and mixed by Neil Whitford
Engineered by Andrew Mullin, Alex Gamble, Kevin Lipsett, and Neil Whitford
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

Recorded at Northern Oasis Studio, and Union Sound

“The City” is from the album In the Unknown copyright © 2017 by Annie Sumi


Late nights walking ‘round the city with nothing to do
Cold hands
Streetlamps, and
Ain’t no one gon' hold you, ain’t no one gon’ hold you from your wandering
And that’s just what you had in mind walking round the city late at night

3 AM
Making your way down to the underground
On the platform waiting somebody’s playing
'La Vie en Rose'
You feel like dancing, you feel like dancing cause you’re on your own
Well, C’est La Vie and
You don’t mind dancing round the city late at night

Sunrise awakening the City
Your eyes are saying:
"sleep when you’re dead, go out instead looking for fun"
You think you’re crazy but you’re not alone
No, honey, I am crazy too walking round the city on my own
And if you don’t mind we’ll go walking round the city all night