1. Eye of a Rose

From the recording In the Unknown

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Eye of a Rose

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Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar
Jonah Kissoon - Vocals
Jaron Freeman-Fox - Violin
Sam McLellan - Bass
Moira Burke - Cello
Liza McLellan - Viola
Natalia Zielinski - Violin
Emily Hau - Violin

Arrangements by Edwin Sheard
Produced and mixed by Neil Whitford
Engineered by Andrew Mullin, Alex Gamble, Kevin Lipsett, and Neil Whitford
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

Recorded at Northern Oasis Studio, Revolution Recording, and Union Sound

“Eye of a Rose” is from the album In the Unknown copyright © 2017 by Annie Sumi


Drops of morning resting on her skin as she awakens to the sounds of the streetcars in the city
On every corner she finds pieces of people that still have eyes for the sparks along the wire
There is music, and there is magic in the tunnels
they are singing an imperative melody
And, all these years she’s been passing by a woman selling flowers on the platform
She says: “Maybe life grows in the Eye of a Rose"

Chimes and Providence hanging from the windows of the working class angels with hard hands and sweet hearts
Every now and then she catches a glimpse of what might have been if only dreams would not expire
Nobody knows but the Eye of a Rose

How tender is time?
How fragile am I?
Will I live for greener pastures on the other side?
How long will it take?
How far will I make it before dreams have all run dry?
There is music and there is magic in the Unknown
Hear it sing?
An imperative melody
All these years I've been passing by the feeling of feeling alive
Nobody knows but the Eye of the Rose