1. Get By

From the recording In the Unknown

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Get By

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Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar
Jonah Kissoon - Vocals
Moira Burke - Cello
Sam McLellan - Bass
Liza McLellan - Viola
Natalia Zielinski - Violin
Emily Hau - Violin

Arrangements by Edwin Sheard
Produced and mixed by Neil Whitford
Engineered by Andrew Mullin, Alex Gamble, Kevin Lipsett, and Neil Whitford
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

Recorded at Northern Oasis Studio, Revolution Recording, and Union Sound

“Get By” is from the album In the Unknown copyright © 2017 by Annie Sumi


When that train comes you'll be 500 miles from where you left me
I don't understand what makes a man
What makes a man fall to his knees
And slave to a life that he doesn't believe in?
I know I heard a man says he does what he can to get by

Do you remember when you were two feet tall?
Your momma held you in the arms of an angel
She pointed to the stars, and said
"Look how far you've come"
It's a long way home when you're on your own
But you've got angels by your side
A nickel and a dime in the jukebox and you'll be fine

What is life?
Love this life
Don't you throw away the Morning Rain
In the month of May
It's those little things

What is life?
Oh love, my life
Don't you throw away the smell of the woods after it rains
That Holy, Holy reverie when all is as it should be
All those little things
And we get by