1. In Everything

From the recording In the Unknown

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In Everything

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Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar
Jonah Kissoon - Vocals
Joelle Westmann - Vocals
Mike Celia - Vocals
Alan Mackie - Bass
Mike Ardagh - Drums
Lewis Melville - Pedal Steel

Produced and mixed by Neil Whitford
Engineered by Alex Gamble, Kevin Lipsett, and Neil Whitford
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

Recorded at Northern Oasis Studio, Revolution Recording, and Union Sound

“In Everything” is from the album In the Unknown copyright © 2017 by Annie Sumi


I have felt the rain falling down my shoulder
I have known the wind to give up her heart for the Sun
Because he takes the blame
When there is a little bit of God
In everything

I’d stop a hundred times just to get it right
I’ll be waiting by the riverside
Until I forget my name
What’s it for? What is it that you call me by?
Caught you stealing up on my piece of mind
Why don’t you give it away, give it away
Because I heard there’s a little bit of God
In everything

I saw them cutting down the trees on the North Shore
I cried out: “O Brother please
Don’t you cut your hair down no more
Come on take a stand
There’s a little bit of God
In every man”

I’d break my back just to start again
Lay my bare skin on the land and I would follow it home
I would walk a hundred miles to the river's end
Just to listen to what the water says
Because I think she knows
She knows that there is a little bit of God
In my soul