From the recording In the Unknown

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Time is a Dream

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Annie Sumi - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Bowls
Neil Whitford - Electric Guitar
Gary Diggins - Trumpet
Lewis Melville - Pedal Steel
Sam McLellan - Bass
Moira Burke - Cello
Liza McLellan - Viola
Natalia Zielinski - Violin
Emily Hau - Violin

Arrangements by Edwin Sheard
Produced and mixed by Neil Whitford
Engineered by Alex Gamble, Kevin Lipsett, and Neil Whitford
Mastered by Reuben Ghose

Recorded at Northern Oasis Studio, Revolution Recording, and Union Sound

“Time is a Dream" is from the album In the Unknown copyright © 2017 by Annie Sumi


I am falling in and out of my imagination
in and out
I am fading to a dream where I live above the clouds
I am a solitary being
I have grown that way

I hide my eyes from all the shadows on the street
They say: “Come to me baby, don’t be afraid”
But I shiver in the night I’m not accustomed to the shade
Bring me sunny days

When I was just a little girl with butterflies in the meadow
Painting pictures of the fields rolling on and on and on
With all the colours of the sun
Shining in the Springtime

Lost in spaces between you and I
Where the lines on our faces are stories never told to anyone but time
I feel you washing over me
Like wine and Holy Water
I am the Time Maker’s daughter

Still, I find no place for me to rest in my dreams
Time is a Dream