end of another adventure

end of another adventure

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that has helped out during this Strange Clouds Tour. Rose-Erin and I can hardly believe that it is already over, but we would not have been able to travel around without your endless love and support! THANK YOU!

Here’s a quick checklist of all of the adventures we had while on the road:
We dipped our toes into the ice-cold, crystalline waters of Lake Superior;
We filled our hearts with local music on St. Joe’s island;
We spent some time with the young musicians at Korah Collegiate high school;
We drove into the sunset;
Ate a lot of cucumbers;
Promenaded under the big, full moon;
We watched the boats sail along the Detroit River;
We invaded  an abandoned theme park and took too many pictures;
We got to play our tunes with some incredible musicians;
Share old memories;
Create new ones;
We got to watch the clouds change a thousand times from the front seat of my parent’s car (thanks).

Halfway through the tour I remembered to inform people about my “FREE HUGS” initiative. At all the shows, I gave people the opportunity to take a picture with a silly sign I made (on the backside of a pizza box) that read “FREE HUGS”. For every photograph, Rose and I opened up our arms! Here, you’ll see a collection of the photographs taken on this tour! Thank you guys for spreading a little bit of sunshine into our lives!

For all the people who put a roof over our heads, gave us food, told us stories, showed us pictures, gave us directions, bought our CDs, came to our shows, and brightened our days… thank you. I am always humbled by the amount of generosity and compassion that you offer!

Little Annie